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Resident Evil Village Dashing Dad: How to finish the story in 3 hours

The endgame content in the latest Resident Evil game is all about collecting CP for bonus content, but one of the hardest challenges to complete is the Resident Evil Village Dashing Dad achievement.

It gives a great reward of 30000 CP, but it requires the player to finish the RE8 story mode in less than three hours. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that can be used to make Dashing Dad a lot easier than it sounds.

How to get the Resident Evil Village Dashing Dad challenge

Resident Evil Village Dashing Dad

To complete the Dashing Dad challenge the player has to finish the story mode in less than three hours, which can be made much easier by lowering the game’s difficulty and turning on a number of cheats in the Bonus Content menu.

The player simply has to get through the story in under three hours so it doesn’t matter what difficulty the game is set to, so drop the game’s difficulty down to Casual and it should make things much easier. Even then the player doesn’t need to kill every enemy, so avoid any combat encounters and simply run past enemies.

Beyond that, it’s easy to get bogged down in Duke’s store, so try to have a fully upgraded weapon unlocked already through New Game Plus and turn on the infinite ammo cheat. If possible, have the Magnum with infinite ammo and that should make the rest of this challenge far easier, especially against the bosses. As long as the main focus is just getting through quickly, finishing off the bosses in short order, and completing any mandatory puzzles as quickly as possible it should be fairly easy to get this achievement. The cooking upgrade that improves movement is handy too.

Complete Dashing Dad and the reward is an impressive 30,000 CP, a decent payout for sure. Good luck!

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