Subnautica Below Zero: Where to find Table Coral

Some of the most important materials in Subnautica Below Zero are hiding in plain sight. This is certainly the case with Table Coral, a common component that’s ultimately used to create most of the game’s best equipment. If you’re wondering where to find Table Coral, then good news: You probably won’t have to search for very long.

Where to find Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero

Where to find Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero

Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero can be found in the Lilypad Islands and Twisty Bridges biomes. Look for a pulsating blue, green, red, or purple coral growing out of cliff walls or up from the sea floor. Once found, strike it with your knife to get a Table Coral Sample.

As you’re likely already aware, much of the progression in Subnautica (including Below Zero) involves crafting upgrades. The better gear you have, the deeper you’ll be able to explore. Basic components are eventually used to craft advanced components, which can then be used to make some of the game’s best items and equipment.

As it so happens, the Table Coral Sample is used to craft both the Computer Chip and Parallel Processing Unit. Computer Chips are used for everything from Advanced Wiring Kits to the Mobile Vehicle Bay, while the Parallel Processing Unit serves an important role in exploring Delta Island.

In short, you’ll want to keep a steady supply of Table Coral Samples on hand. Thankfully, Table Coral itself is found in the Lilypad Islands, one of the shallowest (read: safest) biomes in the game. If you’ve already moved on to deeper waters, it can also be found in abundance throughout the Twisty Bridges. Just note that it only grows in the mid-level Twisty Bridges biome; you won’t find it in the Shallow or Deep Twisty Bridges.

If you need to find Table Coral fast, head to the Lilypad Islands biome. You shouldn’t have any trouble spotting the colorful coral jutting out of cliff walls. Hit it with your survival knife, then stash the Table Coral Samples away for future upgrades. While you’re searching, you should also keep your eyes peeled for Spiral Plants, which can help you explore deeper waters.