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Is there a Mass Effect Legendary Edition New Game Plus mode?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition already packs in a lot of content, though some players are wondering if it’s possible to experience it all over again. So, is there a Mass Effect Legendary Edition New Game Plus (NG+) mode? Here’s the need-to-know on if it’s possible to replay the remasters while retaining Commander Shepard’s items and upgrades in NG Plus.

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have NG Plus?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition new game plus

Mass Effect Legendary Edition features New Game Plus on all platforms. Each game within the remastered collection (ME1, ME2, and ME3) features full NG Plus support.

Just like the original versions, players can replay Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 while maintaining progress from a previously completed run. Unlocking NG+ in each respective title requires users to complete the main story campaign, at a minimum.

ME Legendary Edition’s New Game Plus feature allows players to start over while retaining all items and upgrades. It’s also a perfect opportunity to make alternative decisions and see how the narrative can unfold in different ways. While these elements are enjoyable, there arguably isn’t as much motivation to do so this time around.

The original Mass Effect games require multiple playthroughs to unlock the hardest setting and hit the max level cap. ME Legendary Edition, however, reworks character leveling and allows users to choose Insanity difficulty from the offset. Since it’s now possible to achieve the maximum rank in a single playthrough and to tackle Insanity head-on, there’s less incentive to play New Game Plus.

Skipping over an NG+ playthrough doesn’t mean that it’s time to say goodbye to Commander Shepard, though. Players can import their created character into later games, meaning the adventure continues in an all-new setting.

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