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How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck on level 29 bug

ME Legendary Edition tweaks leveling to ensure that players can reach the maximum level cap in a single playthrough. A new glitch is preventing users from reaching max level indefinitely, however. Here’s the lowdown on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition won’t level up glitch that leaves players stuck on level 29 or level 59.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck on level 29 (or 59) bug fix

Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck on level 29 59

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition unable to reach max level bug is a visual glitch. Characters that become stuck on level 29 (Legendary) or level 59 (Classic) import into later ME games as if they were top rank.

Several players took to Reddit in order to discuss the ME Legendary Edition level-up glitch. According to u/Ruiner12, encountering the issue in ME1 and importing the affected character into ME2 still grants the maximum starting bonuses. This seems to indicate that, behind the scenes, the games recognize that Commander Shepard is actually level 30/60.

At the time of writing, there’s no known method of fixing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition level display itself. The developers are proactively patching the Mass Effect remasters, with technical improvements relating to other areas already available. Hopefully, the dev team will release a solution for ME Legendary Edition players that can’t hit max level soon.

In the worst-case scenario, users that really want to see the correct number will need to start over. Hitting the level cap was originally somewhat grueling, though, thankfully, it now takes just a single playthrough.

Playing in Classic mode sets the level cap to 60, whereas in the new Legendary mode it’s just level 30. Although it sounds like opting for the latter would save time, in reality, it isn’t possible to cut corners. There’s more info on how the different ME Legendary Edition settings function here.

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