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Is Biomutant on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox and PC gamers looking forward to this week’s most eagerly anticipated game are probably wondering if there’s a Biomutant Xbox Game Pass release, or whether one is planned. A free release is already confirmed for EA Play Pro, but a Biomutant Game Pass release will surely be what more gamers will be interested in. Is Biomutant free on Xbox Game Pass, and if not now, will it come to Microsoft’s service later?

Is there a free Biomutant Xbox Game Pass release?

Biomutant Xbox Game Pass

Biomutant developer Experiment 101 has confirmed that the game will not be available for free on Xbox Game Pass at the present time, although it does make it clear that this is only “for the time being.”

It seems likely that Biomutant will arrive on Game Pass at some point in the future, just not during the game’s launch window.

However, Biomutant is free (at no additional cost) on EA’s version of Game Pass, EA Play Pro, so anyone wanting to join a gaming subscription service to get the game will have to choose that if they want Biomutant at launch without paying full price. This will also get them the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition too, so it’s potentially a good deal. This is despite EA not actually being the publisher of Biomutant, as that’s actually THQ Nordic, so it’s possible this may be a deal with EA for Biomutant’s release and the game will go on Game Pass at some point.

If players don’t want to join EA Play Pro then their only option is to pre-order Biomutant for full price, which at least features the bonus of the exclusive Mercenary class, a fact that has received some criticism from gamers. It’s also sadly impossible to try out the game before release since Biomutant doesn’t have a playable demo, and there is no early access of any kind so there’s only the main game releasing tomorrow. Finally, don’t expect to be playing the game multiplayer next week since Biomutant doesn’t have any online or offline multiplayer modes either.