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Ark Update Today, June 14: Why are servers down?

As part of the latest patch for Ark: Survival Evolved and the Genesis Part 2 DLC, the Ark update today was pushed out a little early for Xbox. Players have since had trouble accessing the game on Xbox platforms, so why are the Ark servers down? Is this issue affecting the Ark patch for PC, PS4, and PS5? When will the Ark servers be back up and the patch be available? Let’s take a look.

Why are the Ark servers down on Xbox?

Ark update today

The Ark servers are down on Xbox consoles thanks to today’s update being pushed out too early but developer Studio Wildcard, so as a result the game was updated but the servers weren’t ready for the new version of Ark: Survival Evolved. This is why players are still getting the report on the screen that servers are healthy, but are only at version 928.16 — which is a previous Xbox patch number from earlier this month, not today’s update.

As a result, the official server Session List in Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox will appear completely empty and players on Microsoft consoles will not be able to access the game online. As of right now, Studio Wildcard has offered no approximate time when the Xbox servers will be back up and running, other than “as soon as possible.” Seeing as the update was already scheduled for today, it’s likely everything will get sorted out today too and players will be able to get online again.

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