Bright Memory: Infinite Multiplayer: Is there co-op and PvP?

The new FPS Bright Memory: Infinite is due for release on Xbox Series X|S later this year, but several details about the game are still up in the air. The hack-and-slash expansion to 2019’s Bright Memory introduces a new story mode and revamped graphics. However, fans are still unsure how the game’s multiplayer component will work.

Does Bright Memory: Infinite have co-op multiplayer?

Bright Memory: Infinite Multiplayer

At the moment, it seems like Bright Memory: Infinite doesn’t contain co-op multiplayer. The original Bright Memory was a single-player only experience, and developer FYQD-Studio hasn’t suggested that Infinite will change that.

Rather than a multiplayer, Bright Memory: Infinite is an entirely story-based experience. It takes place in the Land of the Sky, a floating base above the Arctic. Players control Sheila, a worker aboard the base, as she tries to stop the ominous SAI organization from stealing technology that allows them to bring back the dead. A plot as focused as this, with only one protagonist, doesn’t leave much space for a multiplayer component.

Does Bright Memory: Infinite have PvP multiplayer?

Bright Memory Infinite multiplayer

As with co-op multiplayer, Bright Memory: Infinite won’t have PvP multiplayer. With the expansion due for release in late 2021, it certainly seems like FYQD-Studio doesn’t have multiplayer in the works.

However, this isn’t to say that there won’t ever be multiplayer in Bright Memory: Infinite. The game has an episodic structure, and so far only Episode 1 is out. That’s what the infinite expansion will contain, and FYQD-Studio has confirmed a second episode will release in the future. If the infinite re-release is a success, and there’s enough demand for it, don’t be surprised if later episodes in Bright Memory: Infinite do contain multiplayer.

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