Phantom Abyss Server Maintenance: Can you progress to level 2?

Players are reporting that they are receiving a Phantom Abyss Server Maintenance error message when they try to access the game, with many players complaining online that they are finding themselves unable to progress to level 2 or collect any items because of this error. Is Phantom Abyss offline for server maintenance? Are the Phantom Abyss servers down? Or is it some other problem?

Has Phantom Abyss Server Maintenance taken the game offline?

Phantom Abyss Server Maintenance

As of the time of writing, Phantom Abyss is currently down for server maintenance related to a recent patch. Anyone entering the game right now will immediately see the error message for Server Maintenance as soon as they boot up the main menu, and will find themselves unable to enter the game. Anyone inside the game still can continue playing a level, apparently, but they cannot progress or collect items without being booted to the main menu. For now, if the Server Maintenance message is still appearing, exit from Phantom Abyss and return in a little while.

As Phantom Abyss is a new Steam Early Access title just launched this week, there are clearly bugs still to be ironed out. Fans should not have been able to keep on playing Phantom Abyss while the servers were down, and according to Steam users, there were even people streaming the game still during this time, leading those users to assume the servers were still active. Hopefully, server maintenance will be a lot less ambiguous the next time it happens.

Regarding Phantom Abyss and online, here’s the answer as to whether the game is multiplayer or single-player, or a little of both. Phantom Abyss makes a neat game to scratch the tomb-raiding itch while Bethesda makes the next Indiana Jones game, which is a long way off. As for Devolver’s smash hit Fall Guys, Season 4 nearly quadrupled the game’s player count, and it’s now got a range of toys and plushies for the more obsessive fans.