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Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Upgrade Release Date

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima was one of the PS4’s biggest exclusive hits, and fans are clamoring for more. Other popular PS4 games like Death Stranding have received PS5 upgrades. Therefore, many are wondering whether Ghost of Tsushima will get the same treatment. Read on to find out the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade release date.

When is the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade release date?

Ghost of Tsushima

Currently, we don’t know when, or if, a PS5 upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima is coming out.

Earlier this year, Sucker Punch released a patch for the game that introduced 60fps to the game. Despite this, it didn’t include any graphical upgrades. Other releases like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order recently got dedicated next-gen updates. That comes with native 4K support and 60fps gameplay, which isn’t much more than Ghost of Tsushima’s update brought. Therefore, Sucker Punch might not be in a hurry to release a PS5 remaster.

However, it’s common practice for Sony to bring their most popular PlayStation exclusives to their latest consoles. Franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us were ported to PS4 not long after the console released. However, PS5 is still in its first year – and is still hard to get your hands on. It’ll likely take a little time before more PS4 classics arrive on the new hardware. Since Sucker Punch released the 60fps patch so soon after the PS5’s release, it’s unlikely that they’ve got a full-on remaster in the works.

Never say never, though, as discovered a Sucker Punch employee’s LinkedIn profile, saying a PS5 version was in the works. That was over half a year ago, and we’ve heard nothing since – so until we hear confirmation, it’s best to keep expectations low.

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