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Is Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to PC?

Kojima is bringing an updated version of Death Stranding to fans on PS5. The recently announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut is set to give the game more missions, more gameplay modes, and much better performance. PS4 owners won’t get to enjoy the new digs, but what about computer gamers? Is Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to PC?

Will Death Stranding Director’s Cut release on PC?

Will Death Stranding Director's Cut release on PC?

Kojima Productions hasn’t yet confirmed Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PC. With that said, the base version of Death Stranding launched on Steam last year, so the Director’s Cut could come to PC sometime after the PS5 release.

In other words, it doesn’t seem like the upcoming Director’s Cut is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. At the very least, Kojima Productions hasn’t denied a possible PC release. Still, outside of new story content, we do know that the PS5 version will have several exclusive features. Among them are “environmental effects” that make use of the DualSense’s haptic feedback, plus support for 3D audio. Beyond that, the PS5 version includes high dynamic range support at 4K resolution as well as two separate performance modes.

Otherwise, it’s pretty safe to assume that the upgraded version of the game will come to PC eventually. Kojima Productions is now an independent studio, meaning it has no obligation to release PlayStation exclusive games. That’s why Death Stranding came to PC, and it’s also why the Director’s Cut will likely follow suit. Even better, the game’s PC requirements are very approachable — though the same probably won’t be true for any enhanced versions.

With luck, the Death Stranding Director’s Cut will release for PC a few months after the PS5 version launches. The base version of the game took around six months to jump to Steam, but there’s no guarantee the next turnaround will be so quick. Hopefully the crew at Kojima Productions will give us a bit more information as we close in on the Director’s Cut release date this coming September.