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Fortnite Naruto Skin Leak: Is Uzumaki being added?

Leaks suggest that the next Fortnite crossover could be with Naruto, the popular Japanese anime and manga character. A Fortnite Naruto skin could be coming to Epic Games’ battle royale title soon, should the rumors prove to be accurate. Here’s the latest information on the potential Fortnite x Naruto Uzumaki collab coming in Chapter 2, Season 8.

Is there a Fortnite Naruto skin?

Fortnite Naruto skin

A Fortnite Naruto Uzumaki skin is coming as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, according to leaks. The Fortnite x Naruto crossover could also feature an explosive kunai weapon.

This rumor comes courtesy of Fortnite leaker @jthefox101YT, who notes that the information is subject to change. Apparently, Fortnite developer Epic Games doesn’t yet have the right to use the Naruto license. If the deal comes through in time, a Naruto Uzumaki Fortnite outfit could allegedly feature in Season 8’s Battle Pass. If it doesn’t, players may still receive the explosive kunai weapon — it simply won’t feature any ties to Naruto.

Since Fortnite is currently in its seventh season, with the eighth likely due this September, the leak may be inaccurate. It seems hard to believe that a deal would still be in the negotiation stages this close to the rumored launch. That said, it’s definitely not impossible. Epic clearly has a great licensing team, as evidenced by the massive roster of collaborations already under their belt.

Should everything run smoothly and the leaks prove to be accurate, then fans could see the Fortnite Naruto skin release date in September 2021. Fortnite seasons usually renew every three months or so; since Chapter 2, Season 7 began in June it’s likely that Season 8 will begin in September. As such, that’s when the Battle Pass allegedly continuing the Fortnite x Naruto crossover could launch.

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