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Zelda Skyward Sword Bomb Bag Location: How to upgrade your bomb capacity

Bombs are an iconic item in The Legend of Zelda series, and Skyward Sword has a Bomb Bag as well. Since these useful items are used to blast into many different places, players are likely looking for the Bomb Bag’s location early on. Fortunately, there’s not too long of a wait to get the bombs, and players can even upgrade their Bomb Bag to carry more as the game goes on.

Where do you get the Bomb Bag in Zelda Skyward Sword?

Zelda Skyward Sword Bomb Bag Location Chest

Players can find the base Bomb Bag in Skyward Sword in the second dungeon, the Earth Temple. This is this dungeon’s special item, so players can expect to run into quite a few situations where they’ll need to use bombs.

Players can find it in the mini-boss room, where players will need to take down two Lizalfos. When the lizards go down, a chest containing the Bomb Bag will appear.

How do you upgrade the Bomb Bag to carry more bombs in Zelda Skyward Sword?

There are three upgrades to the Bomb Bag that can be found in Skyward Sword.

Small Bomb Bag

Skyward Sword Small Bomb Bag Icon

To get small Bomb Bags, which adds 5 Bombs to Link’s carrying capacity each, players must purchase them from Rupin at the Bazaar in Skyloft for 150 rupees. One can also be found in a chest in the tower at the Isle of Songs.

Medium Bomb Bag

Skyward Sword Medium Bomb Bag Icon

Players can upgrade each Small Bomb Bag into a Medium Bomb Bag, which holds 10 bombs, by visiting the Scrap Shop in Skyloft.

The upgrade recipe is:

  • 1x Blue Bird Feather
  • 1x Lizard Tail
  • 3x Ornamental Skulls
  • 50 rupees

Large Bomb Bag

Skyward Sword Large Bomb Bag Icon

Link’s Bomb Bags can be further upgraded from Medium Bomb Bags to Large Bomb Bags at the Scrap Shop in Skyloft.

The recipe for this upgrade is:

  • 1x Golden Skull
  • 2x Hornet Larvae
  • 4x Jelly Blobs
  • 3x Lizard Tails
  • 100 rupees