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Pokemon Unite: How to get Holowear tickets and what are they?

Pokemon Unite Holowear tickets are one of many confusing currencies the MOBA employs. To get new Holowear for your Pokemon, you’re mostly going to need these Holowear tickets in order to obtain the clothing. So how do you get Holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite?

How to get Holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite holowear tickets

Holowear tickets are obtained by completing events in Pokemon Unite. You can find these under the ‘Events’ tab in the home menu. Events are divided into a number of categories, such as daily rewards and Aeos Research Institute missions.

Currently, Holowear tickets are handed out sparingly. Daily quests are the best way to obtain them given the rotating nature of these quests, though there’s no guarantee they’ll appear as rewards on any given day. With there only being a select number of Holowear to currently purchase, and the alternative being to buy them with premium Aeos gems, it looks like players are currently being convinced to put down the extra cash.

After getting Holowear tickets, players need to go to the Zirco Trading store in the Shop menu. After navigating to the Holowear Ticket Exchange tab, players can then trade in their tickets for Holowear for their Pokemon. Holowear is priced differently according to rarity — currently, the most expensive Holowear is valued at 88 Holowear tickets.

It remains to be seen if more ways to earn Holowear tickets will eventually be added. With there only being a few customization options for Pokemon offered right now, it’s likely that the necessity for Holowear tickets will increase when more items are added to the game’s shop.

In other Nintendo news, the Pokemon Unite Battle Pass hasn’t pleased fans of the pocket monster series. The Switch Online games for July 2021 also disappointed owners of the console, with it only including three relatively unknown SNES games.