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Horizon Zero Dawn Where To Find Mounts To Override

If you're like us, you got and see once you learn that you can mount certain enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn. You may be wondering where you can find these writable enemies, and how many different types there are. If so, you've come to the right place.

Overriding, which is Horizon Zero Dawn's term for mounting, is expanded over time. As you visit various cauldrons, you'll unlock access to a greater breadth of enemies to override.

Although there aren't that many enemies that you can override, there are enough that you'll see progression throughout the game. With that said below you will find a list of enemies, at which cauldron you will meet them, and whether or not they are mountable.

PSI Cauldron 

Watcher: Not Mountable 

Strider: Mountable 

Redeye Watcher: Not Mountable 

Broadhead: Mountable 

Charger: Mountable 

Tallneck: Not Mountable  

Sigma Cauldron 

Grazer: Not Mountable

Scrapper: Not Mountable

Lancehorn: Not Mountable

Sawtooth: Not Mountable 

RHO Cauldron 

Longleg: Not Mountable

Trampler: Not Mountable

Shell-Walker: Not Mountable

Snapmaw: Not Mountable 

XI Cauldron 

Glinthawk: Not Mountable

Fire Bellowback: Not Mountable

Freeze Bellowback: Not Mountable  

Zeta Cauldron 

Rockbreaker: Not Mountable

Thunderjaw: Not Mountable

Stormbird: Not Mountable