Yooka-Laylee How To Beat Rampo, The World 1 Boss

Rampo is the boss of World 1 in Yooka-Laylee, and many people consider him impossible. In fact, I came across one guide that suggested you wait until you get to the final world, where you unlock an ability that lets you fly really high before beating it. That, my friends, is hogwash.

You can beat Rampo with only the abilities you learn in World 1, the Tribalstack Tropics. Here's how:

Rampo, fittingly, is up a giant ramp that you have to traverse by rolling up it. In three stages, as bosses are wont to do, Rampo starts rolling logs down this ramp in different patterns. At the top of each pattern, you'll have to jump over some fire and then attack Rampo's teeth.

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The third pattern is where many people have given up, and what leads people to come back later, because Rampo rolls down successive solid lines of logs with no breaks, so there's no way you can roll around them. Impossible, though? Nope. This can be traversed in two ways, and I'd suggest a combination of both.
  • People don't realize that you can control the speed at which you roll with the left analog stick, and you can even stop rolling entirely, as long as you're holding Right Trigger. You can use this knowledge to roll slowly and time your jumps.
  • If you push your character up the side of the ramp, the wall will slow your momentum and make it much easier to control, making jumping over these rows of logs a cinch.

As I said, combining both of those is your best bet, but either of them will be sufficient to get you to the top of the third pattern. Then, all you have to do is mash the attack button a few times, and voila. You've just beaten Rampo, and you didn't have to wait until the very end to do it.