Gotham Knights Multiplayer Crossplay

Gotham Knights Multiplayer: Does it Have Crossplay, Local Co-Op, Online Co-Op?

From the beginning, Gotham Knights multiplayer has been one of the most important selling points for the game. Being able to team up with a friend to eradicate the gangs and villains throughout the streets of Arkham as Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, or Batgirl is a dream come true for fans of the series. But does it have crossplay for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC? Will it have local, couch co-op, or just online co-op? And how many players can be on a team? Here are the answers.

Does Gotham Knights have crossplay?

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Games and WB Games Montreal have confirmed that Gotham Knights does not have crossplay at this time according to the official FAQ.

They say that there are no plans for the feature, which is surprising given that the game seems like the perfect game for it. That said, the developers have teamed up with TLM Games, which is known for its original crossplay IP. So it’s very possible that the developers may decide in a future update or patch to announce crossplay. If that’s the case, let’s hope that they have an open beta to test it at some time down the road.

Does Gotham Knights have local or online co-op?

Sadly, Gotham Knights multiplayer is restricted to a two-player online co-op.

This restriction means players won’t be able to enjoy the game with a friend on the couch and teams are limited to just two players, despite the fact that there are four characters on the roster. It goes without saying that multiplayer requires an internet connection, though you won’t need one for solo play.

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