Gotham Knights Traversal

Gotham Knights Traversal: How To Unlock Gliding, Teleport, Leap

Gaining access to all of the techniques for Gotham Knights traversal is a rather complicated process. Each character in the game has a specific method of transportation: Batgirl Gliding, Nightwing Glider, Robin Teleport, and Red Hood Mystical Leap. However, these traversal methods are locked behind a Knighthood mission that is essentially a set of three challenges, and in a bit of annoyance, completing these challenges for one character doesn’t unlock them for the other three characters. Yes, that means you’ll need to unlock the gliding, teleport, and leaping abilities four times. Holy repetitions, Batman!

How to complete Knighthood mission to unlock Gotham Knights traversal

Each Knighthood mission in Gotham Knights requires that you complete each of the following steps

  1. Finish the Timed Strike tutorial. Yes, even if you have already done this as one of the other characters in the game, you’ll need to go through it again.
  2. Stop 10 premeditated crimes. By stopping regular crimes, you can occasionally interrogate specific criminals who will have a ‘?’ symbol above them after you scan them. Then the next night, you can complete those crimes on the map. Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to find 10 of these crimes across a single night, so this challenge will be a bit of time sink.
  3. Defeat 3 enforcers. These are essentially tanky enemies who are larger and tougher than regular goons. Enforcers only start appearing in regular enemy groups after several nights have elapsed in the game, so if you’re just starting out, you’ll only be able to find enforcers in story missions.

Once you have finished these challenges, you can head back to the Belfry to unlock traversal as well as the Knighthood section of the character’s ability tree.

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