Fortnite Rift Warden Stellan Hologram Brazier Locations
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Fortnite Hologram Brazier Locations: How to Make Contact with Rift Warden Stellan and AMIE

Part 2 of Fortnite‘s Oathbound questline sees players tasked with locating the new character Rift Warden Stellan, along with making contact with AMIE too. Both characters need to be located multiple times across the map at Hologram Braziers to complete the quests, which can be a bit tedious to hunt for if you don’t know where you’re going.

Where are the Fortnite Rift Warden Stellan Hologram Brazier locations?

Rift Warden Stellan is the lead alchemist of the Oathbound and needs the player to help him create a Rift Gate, but first, the player needs to find his Hologram Brazier. You can first find the Rift Warden’s Braziers near The Citadel, scattered just to the northwest, and then again between Anvil Square and Faulty Splits, closer to the map’s center.

Fortnite AMIE Hologram Brazier Locations

AMIE, who players will recognize from previous Oathbound Quests, will also be appearing across the map at various Hologram Brazier locations, but not in the same areas as Stellan. However, just like the Rift Warden, you’ll need to contact the AI assistant at different stages throughout its questline.

One batch of Braziers for AMIE can be found to the southwest of the Citadel, with the second batch closer to Brutal Bastion and Slappy Shores.

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