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Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven – How to Get It

Destiny 2 has many awesome weapons and the only way to get the current best in the game is through the new Forsaken expansion. For fans of the more classy bows, one of the best is Tyranny of Heaven. But where can you get the Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven bow? What is the easiest way to find the rare “curated god roll” version? And what’s so great about this bow anyway? We’re here to help.

Where Can You Get the Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven Bow?

The Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven bow can be found in a weapon drop at any point during The Last Wish raid, the biggest raid in Destiny history. There are many possible weapon and armor drops in The Last Wish, such as the Apex Predator rocket launcher and the Age-Old Bond auto rifle, so you’ll probably have to play a lot or just get lucky to get Tyranny of Heaven specifically.

However, if you want the best possible chance of getting the Tyranny of Heaven bow, especially in its “curated god roll” version, there’s a specific place you can go to do that. According to Destiny 2 fan redka243 on Reddit, the best area to get the bow is in The Vault, so head there, crack the code, and clear it out. Hopefully you’ll get Tyranny of Heaven, and maybe it’ll even be the god roll version with the maxed-out Masterwork stat.

What is Tyranny of Heaven?

Tyranny of Heaven is a Legendary Energy Combat Bow. It has a draw time of 620 and an inventory size of 65. It comes with the following perks:

  • Lightweight Frame. Recurve bow. Draw quickly and move faster while it’s equipped.
  • Flexible String. The bow is light and easy to draw, with a slightly faster draw time and handling speed at the cost of some accuracy.
  • Straight Fletching. Modern fletching for straight paths. • Increases accuracy
  • Sneak Bow. Increases hold time and reload speed while crouched.
  • Dragonfly. Precision headshot kills create an elemental damage explosion.
  • Tracker Disabled. No tracker is displayed.
  • Kill Tracker. Tracks the number of enemies killed with the gun.
  • Crucible Tracker. Tracks the number of Crucible enemies killed with the gun.