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Overwatch PTR Ashe Update Live: New Ashe Skins Revealed

The Overwatch PTR Ashe update is finally live after her reveal at Blizzcon 2018. The newest Overwatch hero, Ashe, is finally live on the PTR on PC (sorry, consoles) and with it, comes some new skins. You can take a look at the skins below. Also keep in mind that this Overwatch PTR update didn’t actually require a download. Sneaky, Blizzard.

Overwatch PTR Ashe Update Live: New Ashe Skins

Ashe has 10 skins, like all characters do when they release, which you can see in the gallery above. She has her default skin, four rare skins, two epic ones, and four legendary skins. B.O.B., the omnic from the Blizzcon cinematic and her ultimate ability, is also decked out in matching gear. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan also put out a Developer Update about Ashe, detailing her abilities and going over her one last time.

Overwatch PTR Ashe Update Live: New Abilities

Overwatch PTR Ashe Update Live: New Ashe Skins Revealed

Ashe is a Damage character and most of her focus is on her weapons (as opposed to abilities like Sombra or Doomfist). Her main weapon is called The Viper, which is a semi-automatic rifle that does 40 damage when not zoomed. But when zoomed in using the scope, it does 85 damage.

Her Coach Gun is a shotgun that does more than damage the enemy. It can be used to position Ashe, as it propels her in the opposite direction it is shot in along with pushing the enemy back. The Coach Gun does 90 damage to those in range but begins to fall out as the farther you are from the target.

The Dynamite is one of her other abilities. Once thrown, it explodes after a few seconds and causes fire damage over time. The initial explosion does 75 damage while the fire damage does an additional 100 damage.

B.O.B. is not only her butler, but her ultimate as well. When summoned, it jump on to the battlefield and tosses up the first enemy it sees. That initial juggle does 120 damage but then it then begins to shoot at the enemy for added damage. B.O.B. also has 1,200 health and can be healed, boosted by Ana, bubbled by Zarya, and affected by the other status effects. Essentially, B.O.B. plays as a temporary seventh teammate. It can even contest objectives. Check out the Overwatch PTR Ashe update right now if you want to try yourself.