Blizzcon 2018: Overwatch Hero 29 Ashe Revealed

Blizzard has unveiled the new hero for its popular hero shooter. The Overwatch hero 29 Ashe reveal trailer showed her off in her cowgirl glory. Blizzard didn’t give a release date but she should be available within the month.

The trailer gave us a sneak peek at the Damage hero and her abilities. She has a semi automatic rifle, some throwable dynamite, a shotgun, and an ultimate that summons her robotic friend, B.O.B.

Blizzard has updated her page on the official Overwatch website. Her semi automatic rifle is called the Viper and players can either use the scope for more accurate shots or without the scope for faster ones. The dynamite can be thrown and will detonate after a short period or shot to detonate immediately. It deals fire damage that hurts enemies over time.

Her coach gun is her shotgun. The immense pushback can propel her into the air if shot at the ground and it can also push enemies away too similarly to Brigitte’s flail. But be aware that it also pushes you back if you shoot it at an enemy.

B.O.B. is her ultimate. She summons this robotic entity “who charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then lays down suppressing fire with his arm cannons.” The trailer shows this off briefly and it’s not quite known if it has health or is only available for a set amount of time.

She was first shown off in the cinematic trailer in BlizzCon 2018 that focused on McCree. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan teased the new hero after the short—saying it could be any one of those in the Deadlock Gang—but it ended up being Ashe.

Blizzard describers her as the “leader of the Deadlock Gang and rebellious gunslinger who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.” You can see the Overwatch hero 29 Ashe trailer below.