Tinertia Launches on PS4, Xbox One, Steam in Fall 2015

Tinertia explores the concept of a platformer with no jump button, and the upcoming indie game now has a release window of Fall 2015 according to developer Candescent Games Inc., design partner Section Studios, and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP.

The game made its debut at the PlayStation Experience in December 2014 and showcased protagonist Weldon, a small robot without the ability to jump. Instead, he relies on rocket jumps to explore the planet and scale complex obstacles.

Players must master the art of rocket jumping to complete the game's levels and defeat "robo-bosses." Candescent Games CEO and programmer Vilas Tewari discussed the design approach for Tinertia and how it emphasizes skill.

“Today’s gamers want an experience that’s fun to master and equally fun to stream and watch with friends,” he said. “With that in mind, we designed Tinertia to be a skill based action platformer. Its mechanics are easy to pickup and a spectacle to behold in the hands of a master.”

I'm sure fans of Quake have fond memories of rocket jumping. It'll be interesting to see if Tinertia can capitalize on the novelty of the mechanic to deliver a fun and inventive platforming experience. Folks can take a look at the new gameplay trailer above to get a better idea of the upcoming indie game.