Another Splatoon Demo Coming Next Week

Nintendo held a Global Testfire demo for Splatoon last weekend, but now Wii U owners have another chance to play the game before its release.

Nintendo of America revealed on Twitter that another demo will take place from 3-4pm PST on May 23. Once again the demo features the Turf War mode, in which teams attempt to cover the environment in ink. The team with the most ink on the level wins.

I got a chance to play the Splatoon demo last weekend and had a blast with it. The Turf War mode represents a nice change of pace, as you have to divide your focus between shooting the environment and other enemies. Then again, you can just use the roller class and roll over everyone.

Remember to download the demo from the eShop in advance if you want to participate in the Global Testfire event next weekend. Splatoon officially comes out on May 29.