WoW Legion: Fragnance Achieves World First Level 110 In 5 Hours

A player by the name of Fragnance has hit level 110 in World of Warcraft: Legion just hours after its launch, making himself the first official level capped character in the expansion. The worldwide achievement was done as a Havoc Demon Hunter.

His trip from level 100 to 110 was live streamed in its entirety to an audience of over 10,000 people. The quick leveling speed was attributed to highly efficient questing across each of Legion's zones, starting at Val'Sharah and ending at Highmountain along with some late-level dungeon running. 

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The journey to level 110 required only five and a half hours, and was performed prior to the expansion launching in North America. Legion launched first in Europe, granting an advantage to European players such as Fragnance. The doors will open for North America at midnight PST.