Unbelievable DOOM Discount Highlights Steam Winter Sale

You see it all the time with Steam sales: "X Franchise 67% off!" But all that usually means is the old games in the franchise are hugely discounted, while the newer and more desirable titles are on only a modest sale, if not full price.

That was what I thought I was getting into when I clicked the DOOM franchise sale link, but what I found I still can't believe. Right now, 2016's DOOM is on sale for less than $20 (67% off), and, no matter how many times I follow the link, convinced it's either a typo or it's an earlier DOOM game, I can't disprove that sale.

Currently sitting at the four position on the consensus Top 10 of 2016, DOOM has seen its fair share of year-end consideration, and a $20 price tag is more than worth it – it's highway robbery.

Here are other highlights from the Steam Sale: