Stellaris Announces First Major Expansion

Last year's surprise space exploration game, Stellaris, was at least a dozen hours of entertainment for even the most flyby fans. For more dedicated followers, you could easily eclipse 100 hours into Paradox Interactive's addicting 4X title.

And they're not done yet. Just today, Paradox announced their first major expansion to Stellaris, Utopia.

Stellaris – Utopia has far more details than their sub-30-second teaser would imply, with a much more in-depth description available on their website. A list of new features includes:

  • Megastructures: Build wondrous structures in your systems including Dyson Spheres and ring worlds, bringing both prestige and major advantages to your race.

  • Habitat Stations: Build “tall” and establish space stations that will house more population, serving the role of planets in a small and confined empire.

  • Traditions: Collect Unity points and adopt ideas and bonuses that will ease your species’ expansion across the stars, unlocking special perks for completing a set.

  • Rights and Privileges: Set specific policies for which of the many species under your thumb will have the rights and privileges of full citizenship.

According to a developer diary on Utopia, this will also be accompanied by a free update (Update 1.5) for the rest of the playerbase.

Unlike the previous mini-expansion, Leviathans (which mostly only focused on story with the addition of a few enemy units), Stellaris – Utopia will actually make a significant addition to how you can play the game. No release date has been announced for Utopia, but we are eagerly awaiting more details.