Rocket League Has Sold As Many Copies As Final Fantasy VII

When Rocket League debuted in July of 2015, it was made abundantly clear that it was no ordinary game. Hundreds of thousands of players quickly jumped online in a way that no indie game before it had ever seen. Developer Psyonix was elated and under pressure.

Since then, Rocket League's success has been well-televised, supported by regular announcements for post-launch content. Its eSports presence is something few initially expected, and its player retention admirable. Today, it has reached a milestone worth talking about.

Rocket League now sits comfortably at over 10.5 million units sold worldwide, with a whopping 29 million registered players across all platforms. This makes it one of the best-selling titles of all-time, standing next to greats such as Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, Halo 4, and Wii Party.

Psyonix recently released Hot Wheels branded content to the game as part of a partnership with Mattel.

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