Leaked Promotional Material Reveals Call Of Duty WWII Release Date, Season Pass And PS4 Beta

Activision teased this year's Call of Duty last week, debuting its title along with confirmation that a reveal will be host on livestream April 26th. Although it's unclear how much will be shown during the event tomorrow, we have gotten our hands on some early information.

Promotional material for this year's Call of Duty has leaked via a retail worker. Among the details included on the cardboard displays that will be visible at Best Buy and GameStop stores across North America is a confirmed release date of November 3rd for all platforms. In addition, images of the base game, a collectible steelbook, and season pass are fully featured.

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Toward the top of the promotional piece is PS4 branding along with information regarding a PS4 exclusive private beta, which will be made available to all consumers who pre-order the game.

The marketing partnership between Sony and Activision is a huge deal. Although it's multiplatform, Xbox was a huge beneficiary of Call of Duty releases thanks to high visibility ad placements and platform first DLC that marketed both brands in unison. That has transitioned to PlayStation this generation as the series has continued to be the #1 best seller among its peers.

There are certain to be additional details shared during tomorrow's livestream at 10:00AM PT, including a video gameplay premier. Stay tuned for more.