DayZ Creator’s Latest Project Stationeers Is Heading Into Orbit This September

DayZ creator Dean Hall has been hard at work on a new release for some time now, and we know it by the name of Stationeers. Hall has just announced he will be releasing his latest project this September in Early Access, where players can explore the confines of a realistic space station (with adorable avatars, from the look of things) in a manner not unlike classic game Space Station 13.

You’ll need to take care of life support, networking, power, medical, food, and agricultural systems on your space station, and as the developer notes on the official Stationeers Steam page, this is not something for casual players. It may look welcoming and friendly, but there’s a whole lot going on here behind the scenes that players will have to work to understand and optimize as the game wears on.

Hall’s studio RocketWerkz has been hard at work on Stationeers for quite some time, having only launched another full-fledged retail release in the form of VR tale Out of Ammo, which came out last September 2016. While Stationeers is hitting Early Access this September, Hall has stated that the launch date could well be shifted if the team isn’t satisfied with the quality of the product by the time that date rolls around.

Here’s to hoping Stationeers’ time in Early Access goes smoothly, as the cute exterior belies a very complex game beneath it all, allowing for a hardcore sim for fans looking to be challenged beyond exploring the outer reaches of space and managing resources. Stationeers wants you to take control of an entire station, for better or for worse.