Killing Floor: Incursion Takes Zeds to Virtual Reality This Month

Get ready to gear up and take out a ton of Zeds (zombies for those unfamiliar with Killing Floor) when the virtual reality spinoff Killing Floor: Incursion debuts on Oculus Rift this month. The shooter is planned for an August 16 debut, and you can go ahead and preorder it right now if you’re planning on hitting up the game ahead of its release.

The virtual reality-based first-person shooter is available for a 10% discount, which makes it $35.99 for now, and back up to $40 when it launches in full via Tripwire Interactive. Currently it’s coming to Rift first, but there isn’t any information on whether or not there may be a Vive or PlayStation VR version in the works just yet.

The original Killing Floor is a deliciously violent trip through a world of ravenous Zeds, or zombies, with various stages and different zombies to kill off while working with friends or flying solo. It’s equal parts challenging and pulse-pounding and makes for a pretty fun weekend if you need a team-based horror title to play through that isn’t Friday the 13th: The Game.

Taking the gore and ludicrous gibs from Killing Floor and throwing it into virtual reality is an intriguing idea indeed, so I can’t wait to see what comes of it. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below.