New Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Focuses on Peter Parker and Mary Jane

A brand new trailer for Spider-Man PS4 unveiled at the PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 focused upon the relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and the struggles they face while trying to keep together a New York under threat from a band of super villains.

Thus far all footage of Spider-Man PS4 have focused upon the webslinger in action, and while this new trailer certainly features more than its fair share of explosive moments, it also makes it clear that Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s relationship will also come under the microscope. Mary Jane has been absent from the Spider-Man movies for a while now, so fans of the Marvel franchise will be pleased to see here taking the spotlight here.

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As we’ve previously seen, the game is looking great, and with it no longer attached to a movie Insomniac are stretching their wings and providing a completely unique story set in the Spider-Man universe. We can’t wait.

Check out the brand new Paris Games Week 2017 trailer below:

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