PUBG Update Introduces 1-Man Squads to Xbox One

A new PUBG update for Xbox One players will introduces 1, 2 and 3-man squads matchmaking, allowing those flying solo or in smaller teams to enjoy its Squad mode.

The update was announced earlier today, with it set to go live at 3AM PST / 12PM CET. Previously, players who hopped into Squad mode as a solo player were forced into squads with other players. For those who wanted to go it alone across PUBG‘s vast map, trying to pick apart teams of other players while all alone, this was impossible. But now those brave souls have the opportunity to do so.

PUBG‘s Xbox One port has a variety of issues that need ironing out, from performance issues through to visual problems and various bugs / glitches, but it’s good to see a highly requested feature such as smaller squads being added swiftly.

PUBG Xbox One Preview Gunshot

PUBG was released on the Xbox One earlier this month, prior to the game’s full 1.0 launch on PC. We called the game “early access 2.0” in our review, saying that while it had retained the same tense gameplay that had caused it to become such a phenomenon, the persistence of various issues made it a disappointment at launch.

Still, that hasn’t prevented it from continuing to grow in popularity, with it reaching 3 million concurrent players earlier today — the highest number of players for a single game that Steam has ever experienced.