CoD WW2 2XP Weekend: Players Earn Double the Experience Until Monday

The CoD WW2 double XP weekend has started, and from now until Monday players can receive a 2XP and a double weapon XP bonus. The CoD WW2 2XP weekend applies for both multiplayer and Nazi Zombies, so regardless of your mode of choice you’ll get to take part.

How Long Does This Call of Duty WW2 Double XP Weekend Last?

According to the official Call of Duty Twitter, the 2XP event starts today and lasts all the way until Monday. Activision didn’t give the exact time it will be over, but since it started today at noon, I would expect it will end at noon ET on Monday.

This might be the last double XP weekend for CoD WW2 until January 30 when the first DLC pack releases, so it’s a good idea to soak up all the free experience you can while it’s available.

The new Call of Duty WW2 DLC Pack 1 is called The Resistance, and that extra experience will help you fight your way through the new War Mode mission, Operation Intercept, the new multiplayer maps, Anthropoid, Occupation, and Valkyrie, and the new Nazi Zombies map, The Darkest Shore.

I’ve enjoyed my time in Call of Duty WW2 so far, but after three months I’m ready to see some new content. In particular, the new War Mode mission is exciting to me. I really like what Sledgehammer has done with the three maps we have already, and I’m pumped to add another mission to the rotation. Also, I’m super tired of trying to build that damn bridge in Operation Breakout.

We’ll continue to cover Call of Duty WW2 regularly, and you can expect a review and guides for CoD WW2 DLC Pack 1 The Resistance when it releases on January 30.