Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition for PC Gets a Release Date and Takes Up 155 GB of Storage

Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming to PC, and you’ll want to start clearing some hard drive space because this game is enormous. In addition to a bevy of new content, Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition will include 4K textures on PC, so you’ll get to see FFXV in the highest fidelity to date—at least if your computer can handle it.

What’s New in FFXV: Royal Edition?

A big chunk of new content will release alongside the Royal Edition. You’ll be able to access a new dungeon: Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map, fight new bosses and collect new gear. The game will also get a first-person mode. What precisely the first-person mode will entail in FFXV wasn’t spelled out, so we don’t know whether it’s exploration-only or whether you can experience combat through Noctis’ eyes as well.

The Armiger, Noctis’ Royal Arms, will be getting an updated function. After you collect all 13 of them, you can unlock Armiger Unleashed, which is a more action-oriented mode. The Final Fantasy 15 map is getting expanded too with the addition of a new vehicle. The boat that you take from Cape Caem to Altissia can now be controlled. The water and land between Cape Caem and Altissia can now be explored freely, and who knows what you’ll find there.

How Big is the FFXV: Royal Edition Install Size on PC?

With FFXV: Royal Edition you’ll get all the season pass content too. Episode Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, and the multiplayer expansion, Comrades, will be included. You’ll also get the gear and cosmetic DLC as well. All this content and new 4K textures come with a hefty price in storage space though. If you want the maximum graphics you can get from FFXV: Royal Edition on PC you’ll need at least 155GB of free space. If you’re not interested in the 4K textures, you can skip installing those, but you’ll still need at least 100GB of hard drive space.

In addition to 4K support, the PC version of FFXV: Royal Edition will get HDR10, Dolby Atmos, and mod support. If you already own Final Fantasy 15, then you’ll be able to buy the extras it brings for $19.99. Season pass holders need to note that Royal Edition content is not covered by the pass, and you’ll also have to buy the new material separately.

When is the FFXV: Royal Edition Release Date?

You can get your hands on Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 6, 2018.

UPDATE: According to Square Enix PR, the quoted price of $19.99 for the Royal Edition content pack for those who already own FFXV on console was erroneously released. The actual price of the content pack remains undetermined.