YouTube Partner Program Destroys Ad Revenue for Small Channels

The YouTube Partner Program is getting some major changes in the next 30 days that will essentially destroy smaller channels on the video service. To be considered eligible for the program that is the only way to receive monetization, channels must now have at least 4,000 hours of total watch-time within the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

Previously, channels only needed at least 10,000 total views across all of their videos to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. This major change stems from the company’s attempt to crack down on “bad actors” and drive more revenue towards the creators who “contribute positively to the community.”

This comes soon after the Logan Paul incident, which is certain to be a leading factor behind this change to the YouTube Partner Program. Unfortunately, that criteria still allows for those notorious channels to exist as long as they meet the required viewership (which most do). Even worse, this completely destroys any hope for smaller channels.

Achieving the 4,000 hours of total watch-time averages out to around 4 minutes per subscriber, though, that can obviously include non-subscribers. Regardless, it is a steep hurdle that will certainly whittle out many channels that previously were covered by the YouTube Partner Program. Smaller channels have already begun speaking out, noting how unfair these changes are towards them.

For those that are affected by this, they have 30 days to reach the new requirements or their terms with the program will be terminated. One specific gaming cosplay YouTuber, “Bee The Queen“, gave her thoughts on the matter, stating that this was “heartbreaking to wake up to” today and that there is no way she would be able to reach the threshold in 30 days.

“[Not] that I was making any big money on YouTube, but the opportunity being there was always nice. So once again, YouTube just f*cks over their small creators.”

As a courtesy, YouTube will work towards fixing external links (via Polygon) to other sites that generate revenue including Patreon, Kickstarter, etc. Unfortunately, there will be criteria for this as well, and it is expected to be announced soon.