South Park Fractured But Whole Listed for Switch on Amazon Mexico

‘Member playing South Park Fractured But Whole? Not if you’re a Switch owner, that’s for sure. According to an Amazon Mexico listing, however, that might be remedied – and you could be getting your South Park fix very soon.

Pixelania are reporting (via a now-deleted tweet flagged up by Wario64) that Amazon Mexico has listed South Park Fractured But Whole for Switch with a release date of February 13. Say it ain’t so!

Don’t let your heart beat too fast, m’kay?. Your second outing to Colorado (and beyond) probably won’t be coming quite so soon. In fact, it seems some wires have been crossed: February 13 is the release date for the Xbox One and PS4 versions for The Stick of Truth.

Either way, though, Amazon listings from an all-too-eager staff member is always normally the first sign of an imminent announcement. Nintendo getting their hands on a South Park game for the first time since the ‘90s is big news: it’s a considerable third-party release and a more risqué one than what the Japanese giant is used to showcasing. If true, it’s showing signs of Nintendo being a little more relaxed with what makes its way onto the Switch.

South Park and the Switch seem like a match made in heaven. Picture the scene: you can listen to Cartman and co. make fart jokes while on the toilet. If that doesn’t scream day one purchase, I don’t know what will.

Both the Amazon listing and the Pixelania report for South Park on Switch have now been shelved. Make of that what you will *cough*.