Metal Gear Survive Update 1.02 Fixes its Broken Launch

The Metal Gear Survive update 1.02 has fixed the game’s broken launch, allowing all players to now access it after they received the “update required” message.

Metal Gear Survive officially launched this morning, but players found themselves unable to play it after an error message displaying telling them to download the latest update for the game. However, with players having already downloaded the supposedly missing update, they were left twiddling their thumbs while waiting for Konami to issue a fix.

Metal Gear Survive update 1.02

Thankfully, Konami acted relatively swiftly and deployed the Metal Gear Survive update 1.02. The patch notes for this update and update 1.01 can be viewed below:

Metal Gear Survive update 1.02

  • Stability Improvement

Metal Gear Survive update 1.01

  • Stability Improvement
  • Balance Adjustment

With outlets waiting for the game’s servers to go live before being able to play it, those waiting for GR’s Metal Gear Survive review will have to wait until later this week, when we’ll have our final verdict on the controversial spin-off title.