PUBG Xbox Update 9 “Couple of Weeks Away” According to Developers

PUBG Xbox Update 9 is still on the horizon, says developers PUBG Corp, giving players the rough release window of “the next couple of weeks.”

The Xbox One version of the wildly successful Battle Royale game has been plagued by bugs and performance issues since its release in December, and it is hoped that PUBG Xbox Update 9 will fix any lingering issues with the game.

Taking to Reddit, PUBG Corp’s Community Manager Sammie Kang addressed fans concerns, stating, ” Over the last few days, we’ve seen some frustration from you as we haven’t provided an update on the next patch. We truly understand your frustration but please know that our dev team has been working on it everyday in the last few weeks!”

Those hard-at-work will see the fruits of their labors sometime within the next month as Kang relays that, “We plan to deploy the patch in the next couple of weeks. As you may know, we still need to go through cert after development for this patch is done,” but warning,  “There might be delays if we run into any unexpected issues but we are doing our best to meet this deadline.”

The priority for PUBG Corp is undoubtedly the game’s stability. PUBG Xbox Update 9 intends to fix all of those issues first and foremost before digging into the nitty-gritty. It’s still, after all, part of the Xbox Game Preview and very much a work-in-progress. Here’s hoping the team can bring the game closer to its PC cousin within the next few weeks. For now, though, do your best to get the chicken dinner you’ve been craving so desparately.