Fortnite Trello Board Lets You See What Epic Games Is Working On

2018 has become the year for transparency between video game developers and players. Following community outrage at games like Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, we’ve seen the normally silent and secretive game creators open up and offer information about what’s currently being worked on. This has transformed the majority of complaints seen across social media and Reddit into appreciative messages of thanks. While it’s important that developers follow through with the promises being made, it’s still great to see more communication about upcoming changes and improvements, and the reasoning behind them.

Epic Games is another developer that is aiming to be more open with its Fortnite development process. Announced on Twitter today, there is now a Fortnite Trello board, which shows game issues that are currently being worked on, as well as their priority.

As seen in the screenshot below, players can stay up to date on both Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World. There’s a roadmap showing features for both, and the “Top Issues” sections. The current top issue for Battle Royale is that “weapons do not equip/do not function during early game,” and for Save the World it looks like the Founder’s Pack isn’t showing Loot Llamas or friend codes.

fortnite trello

If you’re a keen Fortnite player, you’ll want to bookmark the Fortnite Trello Board. It’s likely the fastest way to learn about upcoming changes, and it lets you see if any issues you come across are already being worked on. Nice move, Epic Games!