Kingdom Come Deliverance Sells 500k on Steam Within First 10 Days

You’ve gotta love an underdog story. Kingdom Come Deliverance has taken Steam by storm and achieved half-a-million sales within its first 10 days on the platform.

SteamSpy has tracked the game’s success and, in the past 24 hours, an extra 20,000 owners has tipped it over an exceptional milestone. The biggest jump in owners was February 14-February 15, with the game selling an extra 100,000 units in a single day. Not bad for a studio’s first title, eh?

How does Kingdom Come Deliverance stack up to some of its biggest Steam rivals? It’s still outstripped by Divinity 2 Original Sin. That game, however, has been out for 5 months longer – justifying its 1.1 million sales. Perhaps one of its most impressive statistics was outselling Bayonetta (370,000) and Okami (150,000) combined. It’s even sold more than Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus has achieved in its entire lifespan thus far. Those numbers will surely only keep growing.

Of course, Kingdom Come Deliverance has fared well on consoles too. In an interview with Czech outlet Lupa, Warhorse CEO Martin Fryvaldsky estimates the medieval RPG has sold roughly a million copies in total. An almost even split between consoles and PC is pretty much unheard of – but a trend Fryvaldsky will hope continues.

Much of the game’s success – inevitably, these days – comes through Twitch and word-of-mouth. SullyGnome’s Twitch stats are indicating a slight drop (though, as more people play it, they’re going to feel less inclined to watch it) but a very solid high of 200k concurrent viewers. It’ll be fascinating to see when (and why) the game will plateau but, for now, Warhorse Studios can rest easy in the fact that they’ve struck gold, no matter how long it lasts for.