BioWare Discusses Anthem Progression System and PC Version

We’re beginning to see a lot more developers being open with the gaming community. Even AAA games, which were once shrouded in darkness and mystery, are now being discussed more openly. With more and more titles focusing on building online worlds, where a committed players are the key to success, even big game development houses are taking to Reddit and social media to answer questions.

BioWare’s Brenon Holmes, who’s been working on Anthem for over three and a half years now, has been quite chatty on Reddit recently. His latest comments provide details of the Anthem progression system, as well as the PC version.

Regarding the Anthem progression system, Holmes described two ways that players can earn new weapons: through a linear path of discovering new, more powerful guns, or by ranking up an exisiting arsenal and growing attached to specific loadouts. Apparently, Anthem is “currently doing both styles (for different areas of progression.)”

After Holmes had said that the PC version of a game “just sort of happens,” Reddit user VViniary voiced their concern, asking: “Please do not make it a PC port with lousy KBM support and bad PC optimization.” Holmes quickly responded with: “Let me put it another way then… everyone is constantly developing on the PC platform.” This doesn’t tell us much, but it’s at least good to hear that the PC version is getting a lot of attention.

Via GamingBolt