Geralt From The Witcher Could Return in a Most Unexpected way

Ever since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came into our lives and then had the indecency to end and not carry on forever with Geralt and the gang, gamers just haven’t been the same. Now we can’t help but compare all RPGs to The Witcher. Even worse, people are still talking about those hard times in their fictional lives where we weren’t quite sure if we should choose Yennefer or Triss or if we got the right ending and if there even is a right ending. Regardless of how you feel, The Witcher has changed a lot for most people.

But don’t worry, according to CD Projekt Red’s community leader, Marcin Momot, all hope is not lost for fans wishing to be reunited with Geralt once more. He had this to say on his Twitter account:

While it may be too early for speculation, let’s speculate anyway! While some fans already feel they know which upcoming game it is that Geralt will be appearing in (I’ll save you a click, it’s Soul Calibur 6), others are just happy to know that Geralt won’t be forgotten. What’s more, a cameo for Geralt will no doubt grab the attention of The Witcher fans everywhere, so not only will Geralt’s appearance be great for nostalgic reasons, it’ll also introduce fans to a new series.

What is also particularly interesting to consider is what it means for Geralt as a character. Will he become one of those legendary characters who will appear in series after series, such as Yoda from Star Wars and Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street? While we can’t be certain, I’m sure The Witcher fans are overjoyed to have more content to sink their teeth into.