Report: Battlefield V Appears on EA Play 2018 Banner

What is apparently a banner for EA Play 2018, shows Battlefield V text sitting next to the EA Play logo and the event’s date and location. The original source deleted the image from Imgur, but Reddit users have reuploaded the image for all to see.

The Battlefield V logo sits alone on the red background, clearly the game that will be headlining EA’s main event. The use of the full title, with the “V,” suggests that a reveal trailer will come before EA Play. EA wouldn’t waste hype by confirming the title on a simple EA Play banner! These things require big and booming 30-second trailers!

battlefield v

EA Play 2018 has been confirmed to feature the next Battlefield game, as well as new EA Sports titles, and an “inside look” at Anthem. Last year’s biggest EA titles, like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefront 1 Apocalypse, will also be available to play.

The Battlefield V EA Play leak doesn’t give us much to go on. There’s the potential title, but no clear indication of the setting or period. With the success of Battlefield 1, many are hoping/predicting that the next game will focus on WWII.