Final Wolfenstein 2 DLC, The Deeds of Captain Wilks, Gets Surprise Release Date

Bethesda has announced that the last batch of Wolfenstein 2 DLC to come with the game’s season pass (as well as sold separately) has been given a release date. The Deeds of Captain Wilks is available on March 13. So, yeah, not long to wait now. Not long to wait at all.

As you can see from official Twitter feed of Wolfenstein 2 below, console users will have it ready and waiting from midnight local time, while Steam users have lucked out and will get their Nazi-killing hands on it an hour earlier (if you’re in the UK) or a full five-to-eight hours earlier depending on where you live in the US.

As for the DLC pack itself, the story-based expansion sounds just as wacky as Wolfenstein-y as ever. You’re charged with taking out a weapon that does something dastardly to/with that great big ball of fire in the sky. Take a look:

“Gun down Nazi enemies as US Army Captain Gerald Wilkins! On the run since the Nazi war machine leveled Manhattan with an atom bomb, Wilkins returns home to reunite with an old comrade and dismantle the deadliest weapon ever made: the Sun Gun. Grab your guns and deploy the Battlewalker to gain tactical advantage as you infiltrate Alaska’s Nazi-fortified Kodiak Island and crush Operation Black Sun.”

If you don’t currently have a Wolfenstein 2 DLC Season Pass, you can pick one up, or, if you just want to play The Deeds of Captain Wilkins, you can buy it separately for $10/£8.