Stardew Valley Publisher Partners With Robotality in new Game Pathway

Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish has just announced that it will be partnering with Robotality for its new pixel/voxel hybrid game, Pathway. Robotality was behind the 2014 game, Halfway, a turn-based RPG game that was set a few hundred years in the future. However, Pathway is a little different, as instead of Robotality looking ahead, the studio has decided to turn back the clock to the year of 1936.

“The year is 1936…It is a time of global unrest as German military influence is spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East,” Pathway‘s description reads. “Rumors of frantic excavations and strange artifacts, not to mention ghastly occult rituals, have begun to surface across secret communication channel. They took our friend…Morten has vanished. The Nazis took him because he interfered with their occult research. We have to rescue him before it’s too late. And afterwards, who knows what other adventures await?”

From the looks of it, Pathway seems like the indie RPG with action/adventure elements that many Stardew Valley fans have been waiting for. It has an Uncharted vibe going for it, particularly due to the adventure/discovery aspect that is revealed in the trailer — which also serves to show off Pathway‘s gorgeous art and effects.  The lighting and shadows included in the game are sublime and the detailed pixel art adds a distinct feel to it, giving it the appearance of a game that needs to be played to truly enjoy everything it has to offer.

Watch the Pathway trailer below:

Unfortunately, the game is only slated for PC, Mac, and Linux releases, leaving poor console players foaming at the mouth. Yet considering how the Stardew Valley publisher has helped in bringing the game to various platforms in the game’s future, who’s to say this won’t happen with Pathway?