Twitch’s Forsen Is Ambushed by Stream Sniper During Private Tournament

Sometimes when you’re a famous streamer on Twitch it’s truly hard to catch a break, and that couldn’t have been more clear to notorious streamer Forsen, who was ambushed at an invitational tournament to celebrate the launch of new battle royale game, Darwin Project. Forsen is well known for having an out of control audience that is as controversial as he is, often referring to the ‘Ugandan Knuckles’ meme in his streams as well as on other social media. Well today, it seems as though his audience has once again gotten out of control — to the point of sabotaging him in a private tournament.

For people who may not be aware, stream sniping is when followers of streamers try and get inside a streamer’s stream for a few laughs. They usually only do it once or twice, though in this case, ‘Samme1g’ decided to take it a step too far. Below you can see the exact moment when Forsen realizes that Samme1g has joined the game.

Forsen, recognizing him instantly, goes on the defensive. “How the fuck did he get in here?” He asks. “I know him. He’s one of my stream snipers.” All things considered, anyone would be pretty blown away if one of your stream snipers appeared in a private tournament, and Forsen is most certainly no exception to this. He goes on to explain that he didn’t leak the password for the match, though that doesn’t mean Fortnite/PUGB streamer Shroud didn’t. Which considering the fallout between Forsen and his stream striper, wasn’t all too clever. That’s one hell of a blunder to make after all, because Samme1g managed to make his arrival one to be remembered for a very long time to come.

Thankfully it ended well. The private organizer of the match kicked everyone and remade with another password, but it just goes to show the dedication of stream snipers when it comes to their favorite streamers. Or should we say, creepiness?

Image Source: Forsen / Twitch