Fortnite Mobile Changes Allow Handheld Gamers to See Gunfire and Hear Footsteps Better

Fortnite mobile isn’t just a simple copy-and-paste job. Epic Games has added a few neat twists to the formula to help make up for the comparative lack of hardware power available at your fingertips. The two big changes available in the pint-sized version of Fortnite is the fact that you (and everyone else using a mobile device) will be able to ‘see’ player footsteps through visual cues – only within a small radius from you otherwise that could get messy – and gunfire.

A red arc in any direction indicates gunfire (aka RUN LIKE HELL), and a white indicator, not too dissimilar to Metal Gear Solid 5 is there to tell you if you’ve just heard footsteps (aka ALSO RUN LIKE HELL). It may feel a little cheaty but, hey, Fortnite mobile is still Fortnite mobile. It’s a fine counter to those with joysticks, or a keyboard and a mouse.

Many who were fretting about whether Fortnite mobile presents a level playing field compared to its PC and console cousins may be able to rest (and build) easier. The change has been brought into effect due to many phones not being able to provide the necessary boost in sound needed to craft directional audio.

Fortnite mobile may not be coming with any other bells and whistles (yet, remember this is just the test phase) but it’s great to see Epic being so accommodating to a market that are so suited to rushed ports and even rougher experiences when it comes to getting a slice of the full-fat product. Judging by the buzz around its start, and the fact that Epic are making all the right moves, Fortnite mobile might just be a success story for years to come.