PUBG Limited-Time Modes Introduced in Response to Fortnite

PUBG Limited-time modes have been introduced to the battle royale game, following in Fortnite‘s footsteps by way of offering special modes that will disappear from the game after a set period of time. As demonstrated by Fortnite, limited-time modes are usually events that are put out every week or every other week in order add more replayability, often offering players rewards for their time being spent sinking their hours into the event in question. With Fortnite dominating the battle royale genre, it seems as though PUBG‘s developer, PUBG Corp, has finally come around to the idea that change is something that’s necessary to lure players in.

And so the developer has announced today the arrival of limited-time modes. These limited-time modes are already out and live on test servers, though the first new mode that’s been deployed isn’t all too exciting. In this mode, you are able to have a squad of eight people and rifle drop rates are doubled. Yep, that’s it! What’s also strange is that for this new mode you aren’t able to team up with a seven-player stack, meaning you’ll have to rely on matchmaking. It seems odd that this was overlooked.

PUBG Corp promises that more interesting modes will be added down the line, including ones that feature new content not available in the base game. However, the current limited-time mode isn’t really adding anything that will make players want to stick around, apart from the BP you’ll earn. Considering this is the first time PUBG has received a limited-time event, we’ll be more forgiving until we get future modes. Hopefully, ones that are a lot more imaginative than the ones we have now.