Rocket League Update Introduces Chat Ban System

According to this new Rocket League update, it would be great if you were on your best behavior. Like with game bans, the newest chat ban system is pretty easy to understand. As detailed on Rocket League’s Steam page, a chat ban removes a player’s ability to chat while in a match. This ban is usually down to a player interacting with others that can be seen as abusive, aggressive and generally not in a fun, agreeable manner of someone that should be focusing on winning their game and supporting their teammates.

Rocket League’s game ban seemed as though it should have been the catch-all for this kind of behavior, but with this new update, it seems as though developer Psyonix is giving players a chance to play the game without a full ban, instead just silencing their toxic dialogue.

On the game’s Steam page it summarises what sort of language will not be tolerated: “the conduct that leads to a Chat Ban is the same kind of behavior that currently leads to a Game Ban.” It continues. “The Language Ban system we use to target the use of racial, gender and homophobic slurs, as well as some more general inappropriate language, is being tied to the Chat Ban system as well.” The page then summarises the process of the chat ban system:

  • A player is reported for using abusive language in chat while playing an Online Match.
  • Our system scans the complete chat log tied to the match in question.
  • If a player is found to be using language that goes against the Code of Conduct, our system will then remove that player’s ability to chat in matches for a period of time, starting with 24 hours.
  • Players can receive Chat Bans ranging from one day to up to one month.
  • If a player continues to use abusive and harassing language after being Chat Banned for one month, they may start to receive Game Bans instead of additional Chat Bans

As stated above, it seems that with this newest update Psyonix are interested in focusing on giving players more chances before they can be banned from games completely. Maybe this will encourage players to play nice, though considering the fact you can spam “what a save” constantly to troll your opponents when they miss their save… There still may be some room for improvement.