Detroit Become Human Lets You Jump Back to Key Moments Without Having to Replay the Game

Detroit Become Human is a game that wants to break the trend of players thinking too hard about their decisions. Let’s face it, we’ve all made decisions in video games that made us question what would have happened if we had picked the other option. That often leads to an extremely long time spent procrastinating on YouTube until our whole day is gone and it’s already time to go back to bed. It happens to the best of us, though Quantic Dream is keen to get rid of that option completely. Instead, they’ve created a mechanic that will give players the ability to go back to crucial moments in a chapter and change the outcome.

We admit that when we heard about this we did scratch our heads a little. After all, wouldn’t that completely defeat the point of replayability? However, after further thought, we realized that considering the type of game Detroit Become Human is, it makes sense.

In a game where a single decision can change absolutely everything, including the death of one of the main protagonists, who wouldn’t want a chance to look back at a chart and see what decision made that happen? Though for those who may be perturbed at the thought of certain decisions being spoiled, there is no need to worry as those decisions will be blacked out until you uncover them.

However, as we’ve mentioned previously, we can’t help but be concerned that this will take the pressure off players completely when it comes to making decisions. Sure players may feel it at the time, but knowing that they can just go back and take a different decision doesn’t seem as rewarding than finding it out completely by yourself. It can potentially even make the decision feel hollow, though as the game isn’t released just yet, Quantic Dream may end up tinkering with the mechanic even further before it officially debuts. What do you think about this mechanic? Let us know in the comments below.